Online Donations Graphic

Online giving is an increasing trend.  Successful communities need to tap into this trend to maximise their fundraising. Social Media such as; Facebook, Instagram and Blogger integrate seamlessly with online giving campaigns.

As more and more people gain access to technology, the amount of people wanting to give to small not-for-profit organisations and communities through the use of their laptops, phones, or tablets also increases. This is important to note because the amount of young people that are wanting to help fundraise is also increasing, and the younger generation is the one with all the technology in their hands, so it’s a win-win scenario if you can make your campaign appeal to the technology users as well as young people.

Mobile giving is the highest growing donation method as of 2015, meaning that people are more likely to donate to your cause from their phone, so having a website that is mobile friendly is becoming increasingly important if you want the most amount of visitors to donate. Half the people that visit you website will be using a mobile device.

Piet Schleiger – work experience student