Six months ago AFS started working with the Community Foundation providing bookkeeping and accounting support to our organisation.  The results have been transformational.

Like many small organisations we ran our accounts on a desktop accounting package.  We were looking for a way of doing things faster and more effectively and AFS suggested that we move our accounts into the cloud and onto Xero.   If you’re not familiar with Xero its fantastic online accounting software that automatically syncs with your bank accounts and investment portfolio.  This takes out half the work.  AFS have also automated the reconciliation of our regular transactions meaning that only new or unusual taking out much of the rest.

For us as a Foundation it means that we have real time access to our financial position as an organisation.  For our fund-holders it means regular updated information on the progress of their investments.

(L-R) Bridgette, Ann & Dennis

(L-R) Bridgette, Ann & Dennis

“AFS has been instrumental in introducing us to ‘Xero’, transferring our banking services online and enabling real-time access via cloud-based software, said Ann Lansberry CEO of the Community Foundation for Central Victoria, “we have become a more effective organisation since we have partnered with AFS, who have provided us with improved business information.

“Because it’s in the cloud we can grant and withhold access as required.  At audit time we can simply provide access to our accounts to our auditors.  Similarly Directors also have access to the accounts and can interrogate the financials at any time.  This degree of transparency would never have previously been achievable.”

“Partners In Success” is what it says on the wall at AFS and that’s certainly how it feels to work with the team.  As a Foundation we ask them lots of curly questions all the time.  Our bookkeeper Brigette (pictured above) always says “good question, we’ll get back to you on how we can make that work.”  and then she does.

With AFS providing the bookkeeping and accounting support for the Community Foundation we can spend more of our time engaging with the community through fundraising, donations and advocacy.

Dennis Barnett Partner at AFS says “By providing our in-kind expertise and services for the Community Foundation, it enables their time to be better spent on dedicating themselves to creating effective change in our community… we are proud to be working side-by-side with them and seeing their contribution they make in Bendigo and Central Victoria” 

The Community Foundation for Central Victoria is going from strength to strength with our partners in success AFS & Associates.