The Community Foundation of Central Victoria is delighted to formally announce the Richard and Clare Guy Scholarship recipients for the 2015/16 year. The scholarship pool worth $4000, has been awarded to four local Bendigo students of La Trobe University, who are overcoming educational disadvantage and have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the community.

Ann Lansberry, CEO of the Community Foundation said, “We are enormously privileged to work with local philanthropists Richard and Clare Guy, who have been with the Foundation since its conception, to select such worthy recipients.” For the first time we have split the pool between four students due to the high calibre of applicants,” said Ms Lansberry.

Profile of the Recipients:

Danielle is studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus while being a full-time mother. She is also well known for her hard work in with her local chapter of the children’s charity Make a Wish Foundation. “It has enabled me to focus on my studies by eliminating the additional stress of bills associated with travel to University and childcare for my youngest child while I have been attending lectures”, said Danielle.

Galaou is a South Sudanese refugee studying a Bachelor of Accounting at La Trobe University Bendigo. He a second-year student, and is known for his community work within the central Victorian Sudanese refugee community. “It was challenging to me in terms of accessing learning facilities,  the scholarship enabled me to access the internet at home and purchased some books, saving me time and the distance to the library,” said Galaou.

Justin is a Bachelor of Law student at the Bendigo campus of La Trobe University. Justin balances his study commitments on top of caring for a family member, volunteering at local community legal centre, and assisting vulnerable people with legal matters. “Being awarded this scholarship, has enabled me to focus more on studying my degree and interests in helping others in our community, which lead to part-time employment in this area being offered to me” said Justin.

Natalie is Outdoor Education student at the Bendigo campus of La Trobe University, as well as being a full-time mother. Natalie’s study commitments require her to go on many camps for her course, and aspires to be an outdoor education teacher at the conclusion of her university studies. “Winning the scholarship thanks to the Community Foundation has helped to continue my education at La Trobe University. The scholarship enabled me to purchase essential safety resources to be a competent outdoor leader, such as a group first aid kit and quality equipment, which are very expensive.”

The scholarship for 2016/17 opens on the 6th of December, and has increased to a $5000 pool and thanks to an incredibly generous donation of a further $20,000 from Richard and Claire Guy. Application forms, Information and terms and conditions can be found by visiting