Ok so you have registered your campaign with BIG GIVE – Now is the time to get the word out their to your fans, supporters and people who love you!

We are sharing with you some tips from locals who are great at engaging people for their cause.

Anthony Radford has some great tips to get people backing your BIG GIVE campaign. He was one of the key people behind Believe in Bendigo. This movement started with a group of people who connected with other people and together shared their ideas. Then social media and traditional media were used to connect with even more people.


Adam Tarr of Bendigo Spirit has some great advice for your campaign. His tips to get the word out to your fans, supporters and people who love you, include publishing a weekly newsletter.



Rose of the Old Church on the Hill has been involved in many successful fund raising campaigns. She has some great tips for engaging the community in your BIG GIVE campaign.



Let everyone who loves your organisation know that you are running a BIG GIVE campaign on social media. Successful social media expert Shona O’Brien of Swagger Child Design Market gives you some great tips to share your story on social media.



Learn more about the Community Foundation of Central Victoria who are hosting BIG GIVE here