The Bendigo Community Toy Library is a saviour to many parents and carers in our community. Their organisation has been operating for some years now, in the same fashion as a regular library, but with toys!

Their fantastic volunteer run service delivers its member’s numerous benefits, most notably reducing the cost of new purchasing new toys for children. Environmentally too, by reducing the need to buy toys, it lowers amount of toys going into landfill that becomes broken or are simply no longer wanted.

However, it is possibly the benefit to the children that is the largest and is simply immeasurable.  A selection of High-quality toys helps to develop fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, analysis skills and role playing to name a few. They also learn to care for property that belongs to others.

Although with all that playing, toys are becoming broken and worn out after a while. To help purchase new toys that offer the best educational and developmental growth possible for their little members, Toy Library are fundraising on Big Give. With a goal of $800 would put a real boost of new toys into the library for the benefit of those in our local community.

The Community Foundation looks forward to seeing the Bendigo Community Toy Library reach their target on Big Give so they can continue their noble work.

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