Have you ever heard of NIEMANN-PICK TYPE C DISEASE? If not, you’re not alone.


This disease affects children resulting in progressive intellectual decline, loss of fine motor skills, seizures, slurred speech, enlarged spleen or liver, prolonged jaundice, frequent falls and loss of balance, loss of ability to talk, loss of muscle control, peripheral vision impairment, problems with swallowing, psychosis, memory loss and dementia.


Australian NPC Disease Foundation advocates and fundraises for this RARE condition as there is no funding from the government, leaving the families constantly fundraising to raise funds for research and awareness.


Their Big Give campaign aims to raise $5,000 to this time to help local families take their children on a holiday to make invaluable memories together and taking time out for carers.


We look forward to seeing them succeed in reaching their target to achieve this goal on Big Give.


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