Over 500 men committed suicide between the ages of 35 to 49 in 2013, representing around 16% of total deaths for this age group. On top of this, the above age group is at particular risk of type 2 diabetes, due to weight gain and a general decline in fitness and well-being.

The B-52 Bombers compete in the Victorian Country Masters Australian Football (formerly known as Superules), providing men aged over 35 years the opportunity to maintain their mental health and physical well-being by playing football in a competitive and social environment. They have committed to providing a socially inclusive and healthy outlet for men aged 35 to 50. The club provides a means to keep physically fit and healthy but also brings together a group of like-minded people where issues are discussed, and help is given

Football is not the only focus of the club, but it is the common interest that we all share and provides a conduit to meet people from different ages, social circles and cultures. Success on the field is based on participation and enjoyment of being with each other’s company, not results – so much so that we do not keep scores, as to promote that just playing the game is its own reward.

Like many other sporting clubs, they are a self-funded club and survive thanks to many loyal supporters of the club. Their Big Give campaign they aim to raise funds to provide necessary equipment, (such as footballs), medical supplies and stage events to help continue all their good work.

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